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Product Name
Lorient Fine / Lorient Filler / Lorient Volume
20 mg/mL Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid / 0.3% Lidocaine Hydrochloride Monohydrate.
Shelf Life
36 Months from the manufacturing date.
European EC Certified, MFDS Approved.

The Unforgettable Excellence

1. Smooth and Safe Injection

Lorient shows a low and consistent injection force of a mere 7~8N (measured with 27G needles). This allows for a smooth and effortless filler injection, which reduces tissue damage and improves the safety of procedures.

2. Strict and Thorough Purity Control

Lorient is manufactured in the production line designed for pharmaceutical injectables. Complying with GMP standards not only for medical devices but also for pharmaceuticals, we reduced impurities in our fillers significantly with the use of clean rooms and building-wide HVAC equipment.

3. With Comfort, Similar to Human Body

Lorient shows an osmotic pressure of 300 mOsm/kg, which is very similar to the osmotic pressure of human blood. This allows for the human body to feel Lorient to be less of foreign body after injection. Our in-house test data shows that Lorient's osmotic pressure is closer to blood in the body in comparison to other dermal fillers.

4. Until Impurity Is Not Detected

Residual crosslinking agent (BDDE) and endotoxin are rigorously controlled since they might cause inflammatory reactions. When residual amounts were measured, there was no detection, which confirms that both impurities exist less than the limit of detection.

History, Lorient

European EC Certified
Lorient with lidocaine was approved for sales in Europe.
European EC Certified
Lorient without lidocaine was approved for sales in Europe.
MFDS Approved
Lorient with lidocaine was approved for sales by MFDS.
Clinical Trial Completed
Lorient's competitiveness was proved through a comparative study with global-leading products.
Clinical Trial Started
Lorient was also developed to compete with other global-leading products. One of the highest-appreciated dermal fillers was chosen as the comparative group of the clinical study.
3rd Generation Process
Scale-Up Completed
Finally, global-leading quality has been achieved. We have obtained the optimal filler properties, using the minimal amount of crosslinking agent.
2nd Generation Process
Scale-Up Completed
To achieve global-leading quality, we continued to complete the right process development.
1st Generation Process
Scale-Up Completed
We could not be satisfied by "mediocre quality", so we started the process of developing a global-leading product.
Formulation Completed
We discovered right properties for a dermal filler, obtained through crosslinking hyaluronic acid.
Initiation of Dermal Filler Research
Yearning for beauty not to be disturbed with side effects, we started developing a quality dermal filler product.