Pure Paper

'Natural' Solution

We encounter vinyl or plastic-coated products countless times a day. These types of coating not only accentuate the products very well, but also protects these products from outer contamination. However, many experts insist that in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, it is crucial to reduce the use of vinyl and plastic. As such, we thought long and hard about how we could contribute to the common goal of resolving global warming. As a result, Lorient's packaging does not have environmentally harmful plastic coatings.

'Natural' Design

Our company decided to start the change from the parts that least affected the safety and stability of the products. When we decided to package with uncoated paper, many opposed, telling us that 'they will get wet easily', and that 'they will easily get contaminated and make your products look damaged as well'. But we consistently believed that the most 'natural' looking design is best suited to our most 'natural' Lorient.

Just As It Is, Lorient

We gave up on using lavish packaging in order to follow our corporate philosophy of investing more to create higher quality products. The Cleanest and Safest, Lorient. The most beautiful experience begins with plastic-free packaging.