The Artistic Tool

If one could write letters with a filler, a practitioner could freely shape the desired shape on a face, as easy as writing letters. Unlike a poorly made pen with inconsistent bursts of ink, we wanted to present excellence and comfort with smoothness and elegance.

Maintenance of shape and consistency without breaking through smooth injection force

Smooth and Comfortable

Lorient presents a low and consistent injection force, which allows precise procedures at the intended area effortlessly with the exact intended amount. The possibility of tissue damage could be reduced as well, due to the low pressure of the gel when entering the facial tissue that is sensitive. Therefore, even patients who are new to a dermal filler procedure can experience it with no worries.

Smooth and Natural

Just being smooth is not a requirement for a good filler. A good filler should not only be smooth but also maintain its shape while staying in the right place without flowing down. After being injected smoothly into the skin, Lorient enables the desired volume and natural shapes to show with its specially designed properties.

Inevitably safe

Sometimes, Less Is More

BDDE, the crosslinking agent for hyaluronic acid, enables a dermal filler to have more longevity and viscoelastic properties. However, when it does not participate in crosslinking, the residual BDDE is classified as a hazardous substance. After years of research, we have developed a technology that enables us to remove residual BDDE efficiently. But... what if it was possible to reduce the amount of BDDE used at all? If longevity and viscoelasticity are controlled by the amount of crosslinking agent used, then more would be used to reach higher longevity and viscoelastic properties. However, we have found that this could increase residual BDDE, and also cause the gel to be excessively hard causing difficulty to the practitioner. To solve such issues, we have successfully developed a technology that increases the efficiency of crosslinking. Now, even with the use of minimal BDDE, we are still able to achieve our desired viscoelastic properties for a filler that would result to more natural and safer results.

Controlling Aspects Invisible to the Naked Eye

We seriously considered our role as a manufacturer when it comes to the side effects of fillers. We wanted to manufacture a filler - considered a medical device - with the same strict specifications as pharmaceuticals. By complying with pharmaceutical GMP standards, we control everything in the production process from incoming of materials to release of finished products very strictly with most procedures being performed in cleanroom areas. As a result, this enables us to prevent the inflow of insoluble particles and microbes invisible to the naked eye (as small as 25 microns), which can cause inflammatory reactions.

Beyond General Standards

We believe that maintaining high purity is the easiest way to ensure the reliability of our product. Such is the reason why we purposely set standards more stringent than general standards regarding impurities. As a result, we could reduce the amount of residual BDDE and endotoxin to levels not only less than our strict in-house standards, but also lower than the detection limits of high-grade testing equipment.

Delicate and Solid,
Firm Beauty

Forms of architecture that have remained timeless are the essence of art and technology. Delicate and elegant yet massive and sturdy pieces of historic architecture that have stood the test of time still exist with us to this day.

STORMTM, The Technology Behind Lorient's Quality

Each chain of hyaluronic acid is weak. We weaved these chains delicately and densely into a 3-dimensional network with a large porous structure. The specialty in this technology lies in the creation of the solid porous structure from use of minimal crosslinking agents.

Cross linking technology that enables firm and elastic structure

Structure Full of Life

This solid structure plays a significant role as a support in your skin for as long as it is needed and provides the mechanical strength to maintain volume. However, unlike structural architecture built from tons of concrete, Lorient's porous network structure acts as passages for cells, water molecules, oxygen, and nutrients. Therefore, this structure naturally sits within the tissue, full of life.

A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of Lorient gel.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Our technology-integrated structure occupies a space within the skin while augmenting the volumizing capacity. Moreover, being similar to the structure of the dermis, it naturally settles naturally with excellent longevity.

Where It Should Be

Familiar to Your Body

We conducted endless research to make Lorient similar to the human skin, for you to feel as if it was originally a part of your body. For your body not to recognize the filler as a foreign substance and minimize side effects caused by immune reactions, Lorient has components similar to the skin. Lorient was designed to have an osmotic pressure of 300 mOsm/kg, which is extremely close to the environment in human body. Therefore, when injected, the sense of being a foreign body and pain would be minimized.

Inevitable Results

With a filler that settles as if it is your own skin tissue, barely causes side effects. We proved that Lorient is safe and reliable through the comparative clinical study with a world-leading product globally recognized for its safety and efficacy for decades. With this safety proven by actual data, Lorient has obtained the approval from the Korean MFDS and the European EC certification.

Make Your Selfie Match Your Mirror Image

Many misunderstand that the purpose of a filler is only to fill wrinkles and lift up the facial skin. Lorient does not agree with such thoughts. Beyond simply filling for volume, a dermal filler should turn your desired look into a reality. Just as you have imagined, making your selfie feel closer to your real look. This is Lorient's definition, the essence of a filler. "as if it has always been a part of you "always been". Your wanted image has always been your reality-